House rules

In order to properly organize our work and avoid misunderstandings, our practice has drafted the following practice rules.

All patients should be aware of the information below.

Cancellation of your appointment

  • If you have an appointment and wish to reschedule or cancel it, you must notify us at least two working days (48 hours) in advance. If you fail to do so, we are entitled to charge you for the time and expenses we reserved. This may add up to the full amount of the scheduled treatment and the associated bills.
  • For a first cancellation/absence (regardless the reason) we will remind you of our cancellation policy.
  • In case of a second cancellation/absence (regardless the reason), the charge for missed appointments longer than 15 minutes is €25 per quarter hour.
  • Once you have paid the bill regarding the charges for missed appointments, you can make another appointment.

Regular check-ups and treatments

  • As a rule, no treatment is carried out during a periodic check-up. If treatment is necessary, a new appointment will be scheduled with you.
  • Treatments are carried out by appointment.
  • Periodic X-rays are taken to establish the correct diagnosis. These small X-rays (bitewings) are taken once every 1 to 4 years. In case of pain related complaints or when peculiarities are seen during a periodic check-up, photos may also be taken.
  • It is your own responsibility to comply with the periodic check-up. We will advise you when we would like to see you for periodic check-ups. This way we can detect possible problems or any changes in your mouth in a timely manner.
  • A dentist can, at all times, delegate tasks to trained (prevention) assistants and/or dental hygienists and/or dentists in training.
  • We strive for good oral health for all our patients. You will be called by us for regular check-ups. If you fail to attend for more than 3 consecutive times, we may deregister you as a patient.
  • If you regularly fail to keep appointments we may also deregister you.


The declarations are taken care of by INFOMEDICS. They will send your bill 1 to 2 weeks after your appointment via e-mail. You should pay the bill within the prescribed period, mentioning the bill number. For questions about your bill, please contact INFOMEDICS Betaal makkelijk uw zorgkosten | Infomedics


  • Any change in your personal information or that of your child or family member such as address, e-mail address, telephone number, insurance and family doctor must be communicated to our desk employee.
  • Any change in your health condition, you must report to the practitioner at the time of your visit.


It could occur that you have a complaint about your therapist or the practice. These complaints should initially be reported (in writing, by phone or e-mail) to one of the staff members. We strive to resolve your complaint within a short period of time. If you are not satisfied with our solution, you may consider filing an official complaint through the KNMT’s complaint committee (KNMT :: Klachtformulier).

Second Opinion

A second opinion is intended as an assessment and obtaining advice for having your teeth treated. With the advice and report from our practitioner, you can then talk to your own dentist. Registering with us in the practice is then no longer possible. The costs for a second opinion are €103,- excluding any photographs to be taken. The costs for taking photographs can only be calculated at the appointment itself.

Inappropriate behaviour

Unwanted behavior is unacceptable within Florens Dentists. Under unwanted behavior is understood the entirety of actions and behaviors regarding faith, philosophy of life, orientation, race, sex, color, appearance, age and disability that are experienced as undesirable or unwanted by those involved and reasonably constitute a violation of their integrity.


  • No pets are allowed in the practice (with the exception of guide/service dogs).
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes), cell phone use, sound playback, and eating/drinking (except water) are not permitted in waiting/treatment rooms.

Cost estimates

  • You will receive a cost budget/indication from us if the costs exceed €250.- The budget you receive from us is based on the current situation and type of sanitation.
  • The validity of this estimate is limited to the treatments and services mentioned.
  • If, after commencement of the work by the care provider, necessary treatments and performances that were not mentioned in the quotation are found to have been carried out, these will, unless otherwise agreed, be charged in accordance with the rates established by the Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa). The care provider will not provide a new written quotation in advance, unless expressly agreed otherwise and the interest of adequate and effective treatment opposes this.
  • The terms in a budget from Florens Dentists are as follows:
    • I request that you sign and return this estimate for approval. For the sake of completeness, I inform you that all treatment agreements between you and the healthcare provider (affiliated with Florens Tandartsen) are subject to our general terms and conditions.
    • The prices mentioned in this quotation are valid for a period of 2 months from the date of this quotation, after this period no rights can be derived from them. The care provider is at all times entitled to withdraw and/or modify the quotation in writing, including-but not limited to-in case of interim changes in the rates set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. For material and technique costs, the healthcare provider reserves the right to pass on to the patient price changes charged to him by suppliers. Obtained budgets are based on current age and sanitation form, change in this may result in different amounts due. A deviation of 15% on the total amount of the budget is possible and no rights can be derived from the budget.